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SAP GTS Bonded Warehouse - Posting Inventory Differences with SAP GTS

image Aleksandr Piliptsevich 13. November 2018



Suppose you need to post difference in your bonded stock, because some goods were incorrectly booked or damaged.

Let’s assume you have your set up in ECC GTS Plugin as follows:
- Application Level: MM0C
- Document Type from Backend System: 702
- Category of Goods Movement: 3 Inventory Difference

To post the inventory difference, you first run MI10 in ECC to with Movement Type 702.

Material document is created. Assuming that your basic Bonded Warehouse setup is done and integration is up and running, it will appear in GTS in Process Inventory Differences, transaction /SAPSLL/CUSWLO_10.

You can now process the worklist with the material document created previously.


When you process the worklist, customs transaction is created.

This document does already have Closing Portions determined, so you know which Imports into Bonded Warehouse are being consumed for stock difference.

However, notice that this is only an Internal Customs Declaration (document type is DDOCI and not CULOIM). What does it mean? Well, it has several drawbacks:

  • It does not contain customs specific information, like Mode of Transport, Date of Import, Incoterm, and so on.
  • It cannot be edited, so you cannot even fill in missing information.
  • But most importantly, this internal document does not have facilities to communicate Import into Free Circulation to Customs Authorities.

How do you solve it?
The missing step in the whole chain is transaction /SAPSLL/CUSWLP_01 – Domestic Goods Issue to Free Circulation.

Here you can process the worklist, which is already split by Closing Portions from the previous Internal Document:

System will create a separate Customs Import Declaration per every processed line:

Notice that this is a full featured customs document, it has tabs like Communication, Transportation and Packaging and can also be changed if needed.


Technical note: If you want to process these imports in a report, observe that declaration will display only one item with item number “A000000001”, but in fact the declaration has two items. One item is hidden, based on the fact that its status (/SAPSLL/CUIT – ITSTA) equals “D” (Item Is Split by Inventory Management).

You can select the correct lines with the following statement:
IF ls_cuit-itsta EQ gc_item_status-original.


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