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International Trade in S/4 HANA - Overview

image Gabriel Ludvik 25. November 2019



An almost complete international trade solution in S/4 HANA is based on the SAP Fiori apps.  There are a few transactions left in the S/4 HANA ON PREMISE version 1809 that are still supported via the old SAP GUI, but what about the future? 

International trade is fully integrated with SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management. It offers the following trade features:

  1. Customs Classification: Maintenance of customs codes (commodity, tariff), control classes for compliance management and codes for EU INTRASTAT purposes Product Classification
  2. Export control: Legal control for Export with product relevant control  (including Embargo)
  3. Statistics: INTRASTAT Reporting
  4. SPL Screening: Connection to SAP Watch List Screening on SAP Cloud Platform

1. Customs Classification

In S/4 the former foreign trade tabs are not present in transactional data anymore. This situation remains unchanged with the International Trade in S/4. The same applies for assignment of commodity codes to product master.  With Internal trade in S/4, no commodity code can be found in the material master in MARC-STAWN. It is to be found in the SAP Fiori Apps Classify Products – Legal control and Classify Products – Commodity codes. Other apps also offer the reclassification option for commodity codes or the Italian local requirement Intrastat Service Codes

The SAP Fiori App Classify Products - Commodity codes is used to assign a commodity classification to a product. Classification with tariff numbers or control classes is done in separate apps.

2. Export Control

As already mentioned above, international trade is integrated within S/4 Enterprise Management. Despite this integration aspect, there is no information in orders or deliveries, when these are being blocked by the Embargo or Legal control checks. All this relevant data can be found in dedicated SAP Fiori App.

For the more technically oriented Micro IT blog readers, this data is stored in the table /SAPSLL/CLDLR. Complete International Trade in S/4 is stored in namespace /SAPSLL/.  

The SAP Fiori Apps Manage Documents and Resolve Blocked Documents use data from the table /SAPSLL/CLDLR, where the users can either resolve or review the documents. It is possible to review the block reason as well as to release the document.

3. Foreign Trade Statistics

A separate SAP Fiori App section is the INTRASTAT handling, where the logic remains the same as in the old ERP trade module. Select, manage and report the data.

4. SPL Screening

International Trade also provides the option to connect to the Cloud Solution for SAP Watch List Screening, where the Sanction Party List screening is used as a service. There are advantages (like no need to invest in other system license), but disadvantages as well. There is a price tag behind this service provided by SAP and limited influence on screening logic.  

Unfortunately, these are the only functions of International Trade in S/4 Hana. For some companies these functions might suffice for their trade processes. Customs and Broker Communication, Cross-Plant/Identify-based Preference Processing/Legal Control Import/Customizable SPL Settings remain as the exclusive functions of SAP GTS.

So what do you think - will International Trade in S/4 replace SAP GTS?

Share with us your thoughts. We are looking forward to your feedback.


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