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Preference determination logs - Data Model

image Miroslav Zvac 15. April 2019



Recent request from one of our customers was to prepare a guidance of the tables in SAP GTS where the preference determination logs are stored.  This information was later used for data mining & load into SAP BI.


Below is the screen of preference determination. Here you can see the preference calculation result based on the Rules of Origin for all implemented FTA’s. In the left side of the screen you find the details of the material (plant group, BOM’s, Alternatives). In the Preference data part is the information for which FTA was the material calculated, calculation method, preference indicator, threshold value, rules of origin, etc.; you can also find the details of the calculation. The Components part shows the procurement indicator of the components. For external, status of the LTVD’s (Long Term Vendor Declaration), for In-house preference indicator, classification, value, quantities, etc..

Hereby the database data model behind of the preference calculation:

/SAPSLL/PRFCALC – time stamp of the preference determination and in GTS 11 Determination mode (simulation and saved log, without simulation, and transferred log from simulation)
/SAPSLL/PRFPM – with combination of GUID_PR and GUID_PRFCALC, GUID_MODEL (plant), HS code, GUID_BOM, Procurement indicator
/SAPSLL/PNTPR – pointer table for product
/SAPSLL/MODWG – GUID_MODEL and Legal unit relation
/SAPSLL/PRFPMV – GUID_PRFLRG (FTA’s), result of the determination, threshold value, originating/non-originating value
/SAPSLL/PRFLRG – with the GUID_PRFLRG from previous table here we can find all active FTA’s for which the product was calculated and also the country groups
/SAPSLL/CTYGPA – country and country group assignment
/SAPSLL/PRFPMRA – Alternatives of the BOM
/SAPSLL/PRFPMRV – FTA’s, threshold value for all alternatives of the BOM, originating and non-originating value, quantities, rules of origin per FTA
/SAPSLL/PRFPMRC – Components details, HS codes, values quantities, originating/non originating status, procurement indicator
/SAPSLL/PRFPMRR – Rules of origin used for preference determination for all active FTA’s
/SAPSLL/PRFPMRP – Explanation of the rules of origin

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