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International Trade in S/4 HANA - Overview

Gabriel Ludvik| 25. November 2019

What are the key and essential features of international trade in S/4? What is the reason consultants and customers think it will replace SAP GTS? What are its limits? It would be much easier to answer this directly, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take look.


What is new in GTS 11.0 Support Package 15 for Risk Management?

Andrej Gubo| 13. May 2019

SAP GTS 11 Support package 15 contains some very nice features and fixes. In this blog will be a focus on Risk Management, especially SAP GTS 11.0 integration with S/4 HANA.  A solution is introduced to distribute preference agreements and active plants in the preference area to S/4 HANA feeder systems.


Brexit vs. SAP GTS | The Last Call – Think about this before November

Matej Leffler| 10. May 2019

Although Brexit is postponed most of the companies are getting prepared for possible Brexit scenarios. On the other sides there are still companies that didn't start with analysis of possible impacts and/or did not consider Brexit within ongoing SAP Implementations. 


Goods supplier vs. SAP GTS processes

Gabriel Ludvik| 27. January 2019

Maintenance of correct Goods Supplier within MM documents is essential to determinate correct customs process. Missing information can lead to missing entries in the Intrastat or Import worklists, followed by manual maintenance.


Country of Origin Management in S/4 - Disappointment, Intention or ..?

Gabriel Ludvik| 10. December 2018

Country of origin is very important Foreign Trade Information which is present on accompanying shipping documents, labels or Export invoices. In general country of origin or country of supply is influencing also SAP GTS system behavior. For special business processes like Cross docking or Drop shipments this information is essential.


10 key points to consider within each SAP GTS Preference management implementation

Gabriel Ludvik| 24. June 2018

Preference processing is a topic which needs to be clarified within each SAP GTS FTA implementation project. Hereby listed are 10 key points which every customer or consultant should consider, with answers so the all of the FTA management is automated and effective. Customers benefit from positive Preference Determination by saving import duties and having a competitive advantage. 

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