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Configurable Bill of Material in SAP GTS Compliance Management

Rastislav Janak| 12. November 2021

Let's have a look on special business cases, where particular components of a configurable BOM change the character of the finished goods from Export Control point of view. How does SAP Standard handle these situations?


Discharging the Transit Procedure with SAP

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 23. August 2021

Customs Transit takes place when goods are moved between different customs territories. With the help of customs transit procedure, import of goods can be postponed and therefore customs duties, taxes and commercial policy measures can be temporarily suspended. Import of goods, then, takes place at the point of destination rather than at the point of entrance into customs territory.


Picking preferential stock with SAP GTS Identity-Based Preference Processing

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 30. June 2021

SAP GTS Identity-Based Preference Processing (IBPP) is an add-on for SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), which brings additional functionality to it’s trade preference processing capabilities.

One of the features that can be implemented with the help of IBPP is determination of preference-relevant batch-managed stock. In todays blog we are going to take a look how stock determination can be implemented in complex infrastructure within SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM and SAP GTS systems.


Trade preference with SAP GTS Identity-based Preference Processing (IBPP)

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 09. June 2021

SAP GTS Identity-Based Preference Processing (IBPP) is an add-on for SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) which brings additional functionality to it’s preference processing capabilities. The general purpose of trade preference processing is to leverage customs preferences, which are mainly represented in less or zero customs duties during importing of goods.


S4HANA 2020 - International Trade data in Delivery item – small dressing for a large wound

Rastislav Janak| 16. April 2021

Simplification in SAP S/4 HANA 1809 brought disappointment to most of the Foreign Trade teams as almost the whole International trade functionality was removed from the S/4 HANA system. After the 2020 version of S4HANA was introduced a international tab on delivery level was pushed back into the standard. What are the implications?


SAP EWM - Physical Inventory Optimization

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 15. April 2021

To provide the best customer service, business should keep all the stocks up to date. Physical Inventory handles inventory counting in SAP EWM. Since Physical Inventory procedure can be very time-consuming and requires a lot of resources, it it highly appreciated to implement optimizations where it is possible. 


Hold Goods Issue until Export Permission exists in SAP GTS

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 24. March 2021

We are going to look at how export permission checks work in SAP S/4HANA – SAP GTS setup and how will it behave when we integrate SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) in there. 


HOW TO | EWM & GTS Integration

Jan Haubner| 13. June 2019

Different system - different technique of Integration. Hereby an explanation what are the key points of Integration and what possible scenarios can be pre-configured. There are small system deviations even-though both systems are SAP. SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) can be integrated with SAP GTS and synchronously functioning with inbound and outbound transactions.


FTA Management | Claiming Preference with SAP GTS and what are REX system Implications

Vincent Kmet| 09. May 2019

One of the major benefits of SAP GTS is the possibility to determine and manage the preferential status of your products. After you implement Risk Module, perform the necessary customizing steps, maintain the data content and master data, you can proceed with preference management and determination.


HOW TO | Number Sets – What are they? How and Why to use them?

Tomas Trstenovic| 26. April 2019

A short explanation How-To improve classification process of Materials by using Number Sets as standard SAP GTS function. Using Number Sets significantly reduces Classification time. A combinations of HS Codes and ECCN codes can be assigned to multiple materials in mass.


What is new in Support Package 14 for GTS 11.0

Andrej Gubo| 01. April 2019

There are several new features in the support package 14 for SAP GTS 11.0 and the focus of this blog will be Preference Management. As every other GTS component has been changed throughout the years, Risk Management is not an exception and there are some nice UI improvements in the SP14 that are worth mentioning.


Important SAP Notes - BREXIT

Vincent Kmet| 15. March 2019

You can find here very usefull list of SAP Notes which you should consider very soon. In case of "No Deal" Brexit, you shall align your system as per SAP recommendations.


SAP GTS Bonded Warehouse - Posting Inventory Differences with SAP GTS

Aleksandr Piliptsevich| 13. November 2018

How to - A small guide how to correct your Bonded Warehouse stock. Suppose you need to post difference in your bonded stock, because some goods were incorrectly booked or damaged. Hereby you can find step-by-step guide to make the stock figures matching.

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